Fahrenheit 451?

This quote in relation to banning books with gay characters from libraries made me want to laugh and cry:

“I’ve not read his proposal, and I’m not familiar with him [Gerald Allen], but I do think there are a lot of things allowed in the library that don’t necessarily need to be here, that don’t meet decent moral standards, so I don’t have a problem with some of the material being removed,” says Huntsville’s Kelly Watts.

Don’t meet decent moral standards? Leaving aside the fact that the bible is full of immorality, how many books would be gone with this kind of attitude? Murder mysteries? All gone. Shakespeare? Not much left. Encyclopedias? Full of immorality, burn ’em all.

That covers fundamental morality; you know, the kind that even atheists and progressive liberals have. If we now include fundamental Christian morality, we start running out of books. Science texts? Gone. Anything mentioning sex outside marriage, or abortion, or birth control, or divorce? gone. Anything discussing alternative religions or witchcraft or the occult or the paranormal? Burn ’em, burn ’em all.

Go to your Alabama library today, get your copy of Run Spot Run. It’s all that’s left.

3 thoughts on “Fahrenheit 451?”

  1. Heady, if worthwhile thoughts there Mr Mark, it’s that bloody ‘unsilent’ majority rearing their collective, insular heads oncemore. If having two Moms is a reality, how can banning books dealing with same make any sense? SPOILER ALERT: Old Yeller dies in the end, but as disturbing as that may be…. we all survived the trauma. Bambi too.

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