The red pill

It takes a while watching movies on the way to work, especially with all the DVD special features, but I’ve finally finished re-watching the Matrix trilogy.

The Matrix – The sequels could never live up to what this delivered, it is by far the best of the three. The story is superbly mystifying, the effects were groundbreaking and perfectly executed. Add to that the fantastic extras on the DVD and you have quite a package. The commentary track is good, although Carrie-Anne Moss doesn’t have much to say and the special effects geek gets annoying. The music only track with commentary from the composer Don Davis is a really nice feature and makes you realise how much of the story can be told just with visuals and music.

The Matrix Reloaded – The 2nd best of the three. The story evolves well with the introduction of some fun new characters. The effects are once again groundbreaking. The burly brawl looks like it was a lot of fun to make, although some of the ‘virtual human’ stuff didn’t quite look real enough. The highway chase is simply stunning. Sadly the quality of the special features went down drastically with this DVD. No feature commentaries, just a couple of mildly interesting documentaries.

The Matrix Revolutions – OK so the story sucks a bit in this one, some things just don’t work, some things are left a little too open ended, some things are just pretentious gibberish. From an action standpoint it doesn’t disappoint though. The siege sequence is probably the best and the longest non-stop all-action sequence ever with incredible special effects on a massive scale. The machine city is an amazing piece of CGI. The super burly brawl feels a little tongue-in-cheek but it’s still fun, and the effect they used for the last punch is a masterpiece. Once again the extra features are a disappointment; no feature commentary and even less documentary footage than the 2nd movie.

No doubt the new 10 DVD special edition coming out in time for Christmas will have all the features I’m looking for, but I hate the way the studios are milking us with these ever growing extended-super-bonus-special-megapack editions.

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  1. The Matrix? Is that the one with Martin Lawrence dressed up as big Momma? Or is the Matrix the one with all the fuzzy hobbits, the lord and that ring they are chasing… I can’t remember what that one is called. Maybe it’s Speed?

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