I am Canadian

I’ve been in Canada as a permanent resident for nearly five years now, which means I’ve been eligible for Canadian citizenship for quite some time. I have the forms necessary to apply, but I’ve been procrastinating over it for way too long.

One of the problems is the section of the form that asks for every time I’ve left Canada since I came here, with exact dates. I can’t remember what I did last Wednesday, let alone the exact dates of all the times we popped down to the US for the weekend, or I visited the folks back in England.

That thing that’s happening south of the border today, and all the blog posts I keep seeing which say “You must vote!” and “Voting is important!” made me realise that there will be another election in this country sometime soon and it would be nice if I could vote in it (even if my vote would be meaningless living in a Liberal stronghold).

What else does Citizenship mean to me? Well there’s the spare passport, and the fact that I could go to the US without having to stop and deal with visa waivers and US customs officials asking if I enjoy fox hunting (yes, that did happen). It also means one less card in my wallet, as I can dispose of the Permanent Resident ID card. It means I would get to vote if they ever have another separation referendum here. And of course it means I can wear my toque with pride and proclaim “I Am Canadian (and British)!”

So maybe I’ll sit down real soon now and figure out those dates.

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  1. As far as I remember (2000 or 2001) you do not have to put in the form _every_ short visit to US or anywhere else, if they fit in the category “vacation”. I’ve put only the more than 30 days overseas flights… But, of course, they might have changed the from since then :)

  2. Agree with you about having both Canadian and UK passports – you can get into the States with a lot less hassle on a hoser passport, but then you get to go in the quick queue with your Brit passport when you come back to the UK for a visit.

    You can’t vote? All Commonwealthers can vote here! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

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