Happy Birthday Dad!

DadIt’s my Dad’s birthday today; Happy Birthday Dad! He’s 3000ish miles away in France, where he’s busy running a bed and breakfast and raising pigs. I wish I could be there to have a pint with him on his birthday, but instead I’ll open one of my bottles of Lambic in his honour tonight. Oh yeah, that’s him in the picture, I wanted to put up the picture of him when he had a perm, but I can’t find it anywhere so I found the worst photo I have of him instead.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad!”

  1. Yes, your Dad looks like he has already been celebrating a tad but what else can one do if your run a B&B for French pigs? Bone anniversaire o’ Papa
    de Monsier Lambic.

  2. Wish we could have had a pint together too, glad you found one of my better photos! your turn next ! Many thanks for Vancouver info will let you know how he gets on

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