Crab Chowder

I’m eating this fabulous soup right now:

Throw some cubed bacon into a frying pan. Chop up a carrot, an onion and a celery root into small cubes, small enough to be saute-able. Add them to the bacon with a knob of butter and saute for a few more minutes. Add some chicken stock (or a glass of wine if you’re feeling adventurous) to de-glaze the pan. Add some cream (I used whipping cream but you can go lighter if you want). Add a tin of crabmeat, or fresh if you have it. Throw a few chopped up mushrooms in there too (white ones are better to keep the nice clean colour). Cook until everything is heated through, serve with crusty bread. Yum.

One thought on “Crab Chowder”

  1. Congratulations, I have now drooled straight through my coveralls and undershirt and must go downstairs to change. And eat. Curse you, Nigella.

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