Geeky Memories

This made me laugh, and brought back some fond memories.

I got my first computer as a Christmas gift when I was very young, a Sinclair ZX81 with a whopping 1k of memory and a deliciously untactile membrane keyboard. Within six months I was pushing the limits of what 1k could hold, plus I wanted to play 3D Monster Maze, so I upgraded with a wobbly 16k RAM pack and got scared witless by that dinosaur advancing toward me.

Soon even 16k wasn’t enough, and black and white block graphics were getting boring, so the Sinclair 48k ZX Spectrum was on my Christmas list. 48k of memory, a keyboard that responded when you pushed a key, colour not-so-blocky graphics AND sound. OK so it was annoying beepy sound but still it was sound and that was just too cool.

I spent the next couple of years hunched over that tiny keyboard writing code or trying desperately to get the latest game to load off casette tape (usually pirated casette tapes thanks to my biology teacher who had a tape to tape deck in his office that he let us use.). Manic Miner, Jet Pac, Chaos, Sabre Wulf, Ant Attack, 3D Deathchase; some of the best games ever written were written for that unassuming little computer.

Clive Sinclair turned me into a geek. I still want a C5.

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