Montreal, my city. I’ve lived here with Jennifer for four and a half years now, and I love the place. Montreal is a modern, cosmopolitan, vibrant and safe city with a long history in North American terms.

When I first moved here we lived downtown, which was a new experience for me, I’d never lived in the centre of a city before. I loved condo living, and I loved being so close to everything, but I guess there will always be a bit of country boy in me. Moving out to the ‘suburbs’, despite my initial resistance, has been just as good as living downtown. We’re not quite as close to everything, but twenty minutes isn’t that long, and the other advantages far outweigh that disadvantage.

We have a wonderful house on a large plot, which we probably couldn’t afford this close to any other large city. Although it is the suburbs, it feels more like living in the country. We are a short walk from Lac St Louis, a short walk from Angell Woods and a short drive from the Morgan Arboretum.

Every day I walk to work from the train station and back again, and I love the sights and sounds of the city around me. In summer Montreal is filled with festivals and a vibrant atmosphere. We’ve enjoyed the Comedy Festival, the Fireworks Festival and of course the Grand Prix.

Montreal rocks!

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