Happy things

A few family things to report:

Last night we went to The Keg for a belated birthday supper with granny Loula (she’s 92 you know!), which was fun. We were showing her the NZ pics until the battery on the laptop died.

My Mum recently celebrated her silver wedding anniversary. 25 years!! I’m still having some trouble believing it’s been that long. But hey Jen and I have been together for 6 years, and I’m counting those 5 years of living in sin damnit.

It was my youngest brother’s 21st birthday this month. Happy Birthday James! I always seem to be a year off, so I thought it was only his 20th.

The grandmother visit to Simon Oliver is going well. The giant tinker toy we got for them was an instant hit with Dan, but Simon probably isn’t so impressed just yet.

One thought on “Happy things”

  1. This is to show you that I read your blog (since you commanded me to) and also to share a story which is loosely related to how you are always one year off on your brother’s age. When my mother was getting ready to celebrate* her 50th birthday, she was bemoaning the whole thing to her mother on the phone, oh-woe-to-her-she’s-half-a-century-yadda-yadda-yadda, at which point her mother reminded her that would actually be turning 49. After doing the math, Mom realized she was right, so for her 50th she kind of got to be 49 for another year. So, aside from the frightening aspect of how she somehow didn’t know how old she was, it was a happy thing.

    *if celebrate means complaining about it

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