2nd May 2003

Well it’s been two years since my last diary entry, so I doubt anyone is reading this any more, but I’ll try to resurrect it with a new look…
Here is a brief summary of what I’ve been up to for the last two years:

* Gave up on the flying to save money for other stuff
* Did lots of biking around Montreal
* Briefly went back to rock climbing, but then stopped again
* Joined McGill Toastmasters Club
* Got an analyst/programmer job with McGill University
* Went to England for Xmas 2001
* Got the condo painted (all white)
* Started going to pub quizzes in Montreal Irish pubs
* Had Mum and Graham visiting in October 2002
* Bought very cool down-filled sofa and chair
* Got re-engaged to Jen, Xmas 2002
* Started wedding planning for October 4th 2003

It was a shame about the flying, but it is a very expensive hobby. Maybe one day I’ll go back to it. Toastmasters is something I’ve become quite involved in. After joining the club, I became their webmaster, and then the Vice-president for Education. I’ve completed eight of the initial ten speech projects. My job at McGill started as a contract, but has now become a permanent position.

The wedding planning is coming along nicely, even though we suck at planning things this far in advance.

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