1st March 2001

I’m proud to say that my first Christmas dinner was a resounding success. I started preparations the day before, by boiling up the turkey giblets for stock, and making the stuffing. The stuffing was complicated slightly by the fact that Jen bought sausages instead of sausage meat, so I had to extract the meat from the skins, very messy! Apples and chestnuts as per Delia’s recipe, and I had a delicious smelling stuffing.

The next morning I prepared the turkey, stuffed it and put it in the oven, being very careful to follow Delia’s instructions to the letter. Several hours later it was ready, and the family had arrived for Christmas dinner. I was amazed that the turkey turned out so well, and I managed to prepare the meal without any major disasters (except some slightly black roast potatoes). Richard carved, as he’s the expert in that department, and Elisabeth bought her trademark turnip and cabbage dishes. It all came together perfectly for a delicious belated Christmas dinner.

After the apple pie and Tiramisu (shop bought I’m afraid) we opened our gifts and chatted until it was time for people to leave. We discovered that we are getting a sculpture from Dan as our Christmas present, which is very exciting!

The rest of the month has been spent trying to get some flying in, mostly unsuccessfully because of bad weather. Ground school is still going well, but I need some flying!

Last week I got the dreaded flu, which was complicated by a nasty rash. A six hour visit to the hospital revealed that I apparently had an allergic reaction to the flu itself! I was off work for a week and taking anti-histamines.

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