4th December 2000

Two entries in less than a week, aren’t I good?

Another flying lesson on Saturday. This time with my shiny new aviation headset. After a freezing cold aircraft inspection we jumped in and headed out to the runway. I did the elevator part of taking off, i.e. pulling back on the controls when we reached the right speed, and maintaining a good climb. Once we were up I practiced some course changes, then did some descents and climbs. Nigel seemed happy with my progress so he decided to do some ‘Touch and Go’s. This is flying the approach circuit, landing, then taking off again straight away. It was very nerve-racking, but I managed to land the plane succesfully three times. I now understand why I always crash landed in flight simulators, the way to land is not at first glance completely logical. The altitude is controlled by the power level, and the speed is controlled by the elevator controls. A useful lesson!

Yesterday we got our Christmas tree. We walked down to Atwater market, tape measure in hand. We couldn’t find one the exact height we wanted, so we got a 12 foot tree, and cut bits off the top and bottom to bring it down to the 9.5 feet we needed. Carrying it along the canal back to the apartment was a little unpleasant, but after discovering that putting it on our shoulders made things much easier it wasn’t so bad. When we got home we realised that we had cut too much off the bottom and it wouldn’t go in the stand properly, but we got it sorted out eventually. Spent the rest of the day draping lights and baubles all over it. It now looks lovely and festive, and puts me in the holiday mood.

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