10th October 2000

OK, so we didn’t manage to get the apartment painted before the cold weather set in, so we’re rescheduling that for the spring.

Neighbour Lady Lisa is now only a neighbour in a purely metaphorical sense. She left for England after a meal-in-the-dark experience at Ganges indian restaurant, when the power went out. Despite that minor setback, a good time was had by all, and Lisa received many fond farewells, and the odd present.

Last week I was sent to Edmonton, to see the users of the software I’ve been helping to develop. Edmonton is cold, and flat. It went down to -10 most nights I was there, and winter hasn’t even started yet. The view from the window on the 23rd floor of the office building I was in was stunning, as you could see for miles, with nothing more than a hillock to perturb the flatness. Made for some very pretty sunsets and sunrises (which I saw both of thanks to the interesting hours I was working). Five days was enough though, and I was glad to get back to Montreal in time for Thanksgiving weekend.

After watching the Japanese Grand Prix on Saturday night (congratulations Mr Schumaker on a great world championship win), we headed up to the country with Jen’s grandmother for a delicious Thanksgiving meal prepared by Elisabeth and Richard. A perfectly cooked turkey, with all sorts of interesting accompaniments, followed by homemade pumpkin pie.

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