11th September 2000

We had a visit from Tristan this month, with his friends Ed, Keith and Alex. This was a multi-cultural visit, with Tristan from England, Ed from Wales, Keith from New Zealand and Alex from Australia. Luckily, we had our old apartment until the end of August, so they all stayed there. Keith was only around for a couple of days, before heading off on a long trip across the States, via Toronto. The remaining three managed to do lots of sight seeing, and still have time for a few dinners with us, both out at restaurants and at our place. Tristan only had to be carried home from downtown once (as far as we know). We had one night at the casino, where Alex won $25 from one bet on the roulette table, and Tristan broke even in blackjack. The rest of us lost miserably. After a week or so, Tristan and Ed headed off to New York for a last bit of travelling before leaving for the UK, and Alex went off to Tanglewood for the jazz festival (after much motherly advice from Jen!).

The rest of the month has been spent settling into the new place and relaxing. Casey had his feeding tube removed, and seems to be back to full health, with only a couple of bald patches to show for his trauma, so we do actually have free time now to enjoy our new lifestyle. We emptied the last of our boxes of crap, and stored our keepsakes in the basement locker. We’re currently looking for some new desks, to fit with the ‘loft’ style of the condo, so if anyone knows of any cool desk makers, please let us know!

We also had a few more garage sales, getting rid of large amounts of junk, and making a bit of money. Lisa the ex-neighbour lady got the great news that her application for a UK work permit was approved, so she also joined us and sold almost everything she owned! If you can sell two dried out corn cobs, you can sell anything (and we did!).

We’re planning on getting the apartment painted this month. I’ll post pics when it’s done.

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