9th August 2000

This month has been very busy. We moved into our new condo on the 17th, although we didn’t take much stuff straight away. I managed to smuggle candles, candle holders and a blanket out to the condo without Jen’s knowledge, and set up a little welcome home picnic with champagne and strawberries for our arrival. This was only spoiled slightly by the old owner phoning Jen and mentioning the champagne and strawberries she’d found in the fridge!

We’ve made lots of evening and weekend trips since then, gradually moving the huge amount of stuff from the old place to the new. We still haven’t finished! Luckily we have the old place until the start of September.

We’re settling in well though, all the furniture is more or less in place, and we should in theory now be shareholders in Ikea after the amount of stuff we bought. We had a minor debacle trying to get Bell Sympatico reconnected for internet access. Finally, we had enough of their incompetence and went for a cable modem, which was probably a good move, as it seems faster and more reliable.

When we haven’t been shifting stuff about, or putting together flat-pack furniture, we’ve been tending to Casey, the sick cat. He came through his surgery ok, and was pronounced cancer-free, excellent news! He now has a feeding tube, and has to be fed through it regularly. At first it was six times a day, every four hours, which was gruelling for Jen, but we’ve got it down to 4 times a day, with no middle of the night feeds.

One little bit of excitement occurred at about 2:30AM a week or so ago. We were enjoying some much needed sleep, when the phone rang. It turned out to be Tristan, who told us that he had just arrived in Montreal with his friend, a little later than planned! They were standing outside our old apartment, wondering where we were. They had only managed to contact us after Tristan called Dad in England, got Richard and Elisabeth’s number, woke Richard up, and got our new number from him! I drove over there, let them in, showed them the bed, then went home and back to bed.

I woke up exhausted the next day, and decided to take the day off work. I picked up Tristan and Ed, showed them around the condo then showed them around town. They were only in town for the day, so after a late afternoon pizza they jumped in their car and headed back to Maine.

The only other event worthy of note was the garage sale we had last weekend, in which we got rid of huge amounts of junk, and made 400 dollars, enough for more Ikea furniture!

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