23rd June 2000

OK, so I’m trying to make it one entry a month now. Maybe that’ll make the entries too long and boring, maybe I’ll forgot what I did all month, but so be it!

After our trip out West, it was time to get down to some serious job hunting. It was also time to get the long awaited engagement ring for Jennifer. I was going to hang on to it for a few days longer, but we had an unpleasant weekend involving two sick cats, so I sprung the “surprise” that Sunday, and Jen was thrilled. If you like, you can go gawp at the ring.

Shortly after starting to seriously look for work (and getting seriously discouraged because someone told me it would be tough without knowledge of French), I landed an interview with CN, and got the contract! Six months, starting June 27th.

While the job hunting was going on, we also went to a few open houses, and discovered an apartment by the canal which we both decided we wanted. We made an offer, the offer was accepted, and it looks like we’ll be moving in the middle of July. Pictures of our new apartment will be appearing soon.

We went to the Grand Prix last weekend, our first ‘live’ grand prix. Jen had got us seats in grandstand 21, one of the silver stands on the eastern (Casino) hairpin. On Friday the weather forecast said rain, so we took an umbrella, but it turned out to be baking hot, luckily we had lots of water too. We watched the practice sessions, and I managed to survive it without earplugs. No big spins or anything, but exciting nonetheless. Saturday was much the same, baking hot all day (despite the weather forecast saying rain again). Schumacher snatched pole in the final seconds, with Coulthard next to him. Sunday was, of course, the most exciting day. We watched the support races, a Ferrari challenge with amateur and a new Beetle race with celebrity drivers (I’d never heard of any of them).

It was cloudy all morning, and when the big moment arrived, rain clouds were threatening. The race started, and everyone got away cleanly. I managed to follow what was going on until it started raining, and people were in and out of the pits so much that we completely lost track and had to try to catch snippets of information from the walkman in between the roar of engines. The race finished with a Ferrari one/two, and Fisichella (Jen’s new number one!) in third. It was a great race, spoiled only slightly by the weather (the only day we didn’t bring an umbrella..).

We headed out of the circuit, only to stop in a massive queue for the metro. After waiting 45 minutes, we ducked out of the queue and walked across the Jacques Cartier bridge to a metro station on the main island. All in all it was a great weekend, and we intend going again next year, this time with gold tickets!

Tomorrow we’re off to see Blue Rodeo at an outdoor concert, report on that next time.

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