27th September 1999

Hmmm, over a month since my last entry, I’m slacking! I have an excuse though, as I was in Canada from the 1st to the 18th September. I went out there with my Dad, and we were met my Jen and my brother Tristan, who had arrived at Jen’s the day before fresh from summer camp. Mirabel airport has an observation area for people waiting for arrivals, so we felt like we were in a fishbowl going through customs, with Jen, Tristan and lots of strangers looking down at us.

We went straight up to the country, and spent the evening with Betty. Richard was away working, but Jen’s brother Dan was home for a visit, and it was good to see him again.

After spending Friday back in the city, we headed back to the country to spend the weekend with Richard and Betty. Tristan had an especially good time when Richard got out the motor-trike for him. We all had a go (all the ‘boys’ that is), and polluted the area with two-stroke fumes before putting it away again.

On the following Tuesday, Dad and Tristan hired a car, and headed off to do touristy things. I stayed with Jen, went out to work with her, wandered around some shops, and ate junk food and watched movies in the evenings.

We had planned to go down to New York the following weekend, to see Tristan onto his plane home, but after struggling to find accomodation in the city we gave up on that idea and went to Quebec City instead. The city has a European feel to it, and feels a bit like a seaside resort. We walked the 300+ steps up onto the promenade to see the view, then back down again and into a bar for a much needed drink.

The following day, we packed Tristan off onto a Greyhound to New York to catch his flight home. We spent the rest of the week relaxing and not doing very much at all, partly because it was raining a lot. We watched more movies, and went to the Montreal Museum of Fine Art to see the Cosmos exhibit.

It seemed like we’d only been there a few days, and it was time to go back to England again. We spent the last weekend back in the country, and were treated to a glorious sunny day on the last day. We ate coq au vin, with fresh vegetables from the garden, then headed for the airport, and England.

A quick Sunday lunch at Dad’s house, a wave to Philippa as she headed back to University, and it was time to drive home. I arrived home late that night, and discovered to my delight my Canadian visa waiting on the doorstep for me. I phoned Jen to tell her the good news, and started making lists of all the things I have to do before I leave the country. It was quite overwhelming at first, but I think I have everything in hand now!

This weekend I drove down to Sarah and Geoff’s house, and we went out for a nice meal with Ruairidh, who regailed us with stories of his recent theatre production. The meal was in a country pub in the middle of nowhere, and was quite excellent. Of course, it was washed down with plenty of wine!

I awoke late the next morning, and discovered that a cooked breakfast was about to appear on the table, perfect timing! After a surprisingly philosophical chat over bacon and eggs, Ruairidh and I both headed off, me to get home in time for the GP, and Ruairidh for another theatre appointment. We met each other again a few miles down the road after both getting lost, then eventually found our way to the main road.

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