16th August 1999

Not much has happened since Jen headed back to Canada. Philippa and Dad are both recovering well after their accidents, Philippa is already back on the boats. The plane tickets arrived a few days ago, so we’re all set to head off to Canada on 1st September.

The big event here was the eclipse last Wednesday. The totality was down in Cornwall, but we had 99% coverage here in Shropshire. I drove up to Lyth Hill country park and sat in the car watching through eclipse viewing glasses. It was quite amazing, despite the clouds rolling in about halfway through. It didn’t get completely dark, because of that 1% still uncovered, but there was a strange kind of half light, different to dusk or heavy cloud cover. The temperature dropped considerably too. I was lucky I arrived early, because the park became crowded with people and the tiny car park soon filled up. Down in Cornwall they had thick cloud cover, but apparently the totality was still a fantastic experience, plunging the area into almost complete darkness.

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